From making pancakes as a child while I could barely reach the stovetop to designing a custom grill for the preparation of a single dish, when it comes to cooking I have always focused on ensuring the enjoyment of others.  Food, Family, and Friends are the center of our culture in Louisiana and I fondly remember a saying inclusive of all things great relative to dining. My Italian Godfather, Paran, used to say...."Lets Break Bread" 

My mission is to make eating well and enjoying time around the table with friends and family more enjoyable.  Whether it is a preparing a Multi-Course Catering Menu or a Custom Packaged Product for Restaurants and Retail, the attention to detail will be a constant.  I use only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality products available. 

My culinary range extends from traditional Cajun and Creole Dishes influenced by my life experiences to Classics from around the World.  Constantly looking for steps to improve or impart my own interpretation of any dish while maintining the fundamentals that give a dish its unique historical character.  Research, trial by fire, and countless hours spent over a stove, oven or some source of heat have provided me with the experience and desire to share great food with others.